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Flavors of Maremma

Maremma dishes are linked to the territory and its colors and scents. An uncontaminated land that can be found in the paintings of Fattori and Enzo Lenzi. Among the dishes not to be forgotten we point out the Tortello Maremmano, the Acqua Cotta, the Pappa col Pomodoro, the platter of pecorino cheese of various ages with honey, the Maremmana wild boar, the Buglione di Agnello, the Pappardelle with wild boar, the Gnudi with butter.

Among the wines we mention the Morellino di Scansano, the Ansonica di Monteargentario, the Bianco di Pitigliano, the Montecucco doc.

But above all, this is the land of production of an exceptional extra virgin olive oil!

Suggestion:Go onthe Notre-guide of CasaTrecci and find out where to shop and where to eat the dishes we have recommended

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